Custom Setups for Revolutionized Desktop

Ok my friends. Here is the thing: An idea came up recently in the artwork mailing list to make openSUSE a little different than other times in the graphical aspect. The idea would be to add different default plasma widgets, as well as to make subtle changes to the panels. A friend also suggested that it would be cool to create a more socially integrated widget. I thought of one that was included in the Kickoff menu. Added to one of the tabs in there, there could exist a simple update tracker for different social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, or Google Blogs. Whatever the service that may be, it doesn't matter. The main idea is to add something social to the default desktop in KDE under the new release of openSUSE.

As I was brainstorming on this, I tried to create at least 4 different setups. I went then, to Cacoo to create some simple mockups and ended up with one that I am trying to get a feel for from you. Down below would be a simple menu setup and default widgets for the openSUSE KDE desktop. Take a look:

1, Minimal, Folder View, RSS (Small), Desktop Switching
2, Minimal 2, Folder View, Weather, Desktop Switching
3, Featured, RSS, Folder View, Top Panel, Weather, Desktop Switching
4, Fully Featured, Facebook, twitter, Folder View (minimal) Weather, Desktop Switching, Dock

As I worked on Cacoo for the mockup, I realized that it can be shared with other people who can also edit the mockup. I am now inviting you to tweak (or create a new one) the panel I came up with. My main idea behind this is to create something powerful yet simple enough that can make sure that you focus on your applications. You can edit this mockup as much as you want, but please keep the original as a guide.

Here is the link to make edits:

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