SOPA/PIPA Blackout!

It is time again that this question of cernsorship is revisited by the Internet. It has been a long battle between the MPAA and the Internet and it feels as if this time the Internet has taken the lead as a moving force for change.

I would like to adhere my opinion to that of many about the over-the-limit idea that SOPA and PIPA propose to the American Congress. The Internet is a copy-based environment. Every use of video, images or sounds represent the creation of a new copy for the personal use of an Internet user. However, the problem lies in the usage of such material. MPAA still seems to be in the past where the control over creative material was simple. It was either printed or placed on a physical medium for others to use. MPAA does not understand the world we live in. They simply want to maximize return on investment. They would also like to police people like you and me for having access to copyrighted material. This is wrong and it goes against all ethical views on free speech. The Internet is public domain. If the MPAA does not want to have their copyrighted material be used in different ways, they ought no to use the Internet as a medium of advertisement, see how far that goes before artists, creators, and businesses start plummeting in their profits. We are not China, we do not have a private network controlled, not even by government, but by a for-profit entity. It is the height of an old-fashioned system.

So, as a means of protest, I will add my blog to the blackout of Wednesday 18, 2012.

This is what happens when corporations impose on people's creativity.