Dark Leaf Wallpaper

Hello friends

Here is another wallpaper proposal for the 13.1 complimentary wallpaper package. The idea here is to form a nice transparency effect with words that relate to the world of Open Source and openSUSE, or course.

I also added a dark leaf in the center to add some green to the image. However the green leaf can be taken out easily if you think it doesn't work well. For the effects and purposes of keeping a dark background design in the pile of complimentary wallpapers.

Please keep your wallpaper submissions, projects and ideas coming. We are gathering your suggestions so please send them in. If you need help creating a wallpaper and submitting it to our project, given that you may not understand the formatting criteria, please contact me or anyone else at the #opensuse-artwork channel on IRC.

For now, here is the new wallpaper (I followed some tutorials online for this one) :D

Thank you!