A Request


During the past two weeks we have seen ann influx of data, projects and ideas going around through the community. We have engaged in discussing some greater changes for our distribution and community in the search for higher acceptance and performance of our distribution of choice.

The comments on our mailing lists about the possible changes on the horizon make me think that there is a lot being asked of us. While many that participate in openSUSE might think that it is ok to the let the times roll with us as mere spectators, this request for change has become a wake up call for many of us. We may need to gather our strength, voice our opinion, change the status quo of our contributions. If anything, this proposals have stirred many of our minds and revived the passion that makes openSUSE a personal favorite.

Not only the request about changes and realignment have made this happen, but also events and people that participate of the openSUSE community are currently working on making a very successful event for our conference in Dubrovnik, Croatia next April.

The openSUSE Conference is a long-standing event for our members and enthusiasts to meet and gather around common goals and to promote our distribution. It is also an opportunity to showcase much of what we do on our own for the project.
I have involved my self in this organization, providing a few ideas for design and promotion. I hope that the results of this team's efforts are looked upon with gratitude, for while this is not coding, we still do a lot of our work spending countless hours to make this event a success.

Another important event happening at the moment are the openSUSE Board Elections. This time we have a few aspirants for the position running with what they can offer for the rest of the community. It surely shows a higher level of commitment to want to help the project as a whole to move forward for the future.
I humbly ask that if you have not yet cast your vote for this election, that you do so. Your favorite candidates are still waiting for your support and if you feel that this is elections process does not care for what you have to express, think again.

I say this because of the times that we are facing. Think of this because now the industry is exploring more ways that Linux can be present in a massive way for many more people than ever before. This is what has prompted our discussion about the future of openSUSE. SteamOS, for example has just launched with a promising future based on Linux. Many other distributions are now exploring going mobile or be embedded in smaller everyday devices that we will end up using.

Because of the changes in the industry is that I ask that you vote. Help the board at openSUSE hear your particular voice through votes. Let us know what you would like to see happen with openSUSE. Our candidates will thank you deeply.

Thank you!
Andy (anditosan)

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