openSUSE Release and openSUSE Summit

Once again our team meets for another release of our distribution of choice, openSUSE 12.2. As part of the artwork team, we focused on this release on going back to the strong greens that identify our distribution. We also added a few wallpapers with images of chameleons so that our mascot would be part of our distribution again.
On the subject of chameleons, I have been pondering recently about the variety of designs that can come from this reptile. It is one that changes colors to adapt to its environment, it also has a tongue that extends sometimes longer than its own body and it lives in trees eating insects. I own a chameleon myself and as I have lived with it, I have realized that it is a great design inspiration. Recently also, I found these images from Igor Siwanowics

These images are beautiful. Igor really knows how to get people closer to these chameleons, which are so small. I think they go along very well with our mascot and as part of a collection of wallpapers for openSUSE. That is why I contacted Igor to see if he would donate a chameleon image to our project. We are still working on something for us, but I am positive that he will be happy to contribute to our project. Stay tuned.

12.2 is now ad portas and we are working hard to finish working with the marketing materials.

openSUSE Summit 2012 is also coming up soon. We are all very excited in the US to have a mini openSUSE conference. I have now confirmed my participation to the gathering and also my presentation on openSUSE's contributions. I intend to gather more possible contributors to our artwork team. We are still lacking good coders that can make some of our ideas transpire from within the distribution. We want to have a stronger influence than simply selecting wallpapers. Stronger branding and stronger image for our users and new users. We have asked some of our community members to share their ideas about social apps on the desktop and also how they use their desktop environment. If you know someone who can code C++, please let us know. We will be eager to talk to him/her.

Thank you for reading.


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Anonymous said...

As the images speak for themselves, chameleons are not always green. Hope to see some alternative colours in the upcoming distribution design.

Andres Silva said...

I sooo agree with you. We are looking into more colors currently with a couple of collaborators.

Anonymous said...

Good collection of images!!