Running for the Board


Recent events in the openSUSE community have left the board needing to fill a few seats. Although I have never been one to show deep interest in the board, I believe it is now the right time to step up my participation in the project. With this in mind I presented my candidacy for the openSUSE Board this year.

It is not news that our project is always looking to improve and put our culture closer to the hands of many people looking to make the "Linux switch." Under this premise, I have participated of the openSUSE Artwork team for the past few years and as an openSUSE Linux novice since 2000. New needs and ventures have also taken me to participate in the openSUSE News team as an editor.

Seeing that my participation in the project has become more evident and thereby making openSUSE more evident to users that follow us, the candidacy for the board comes at a time when we need to strengthen our marketing strategies and our overall communication structure not only to the community, but also those looking to use our distribution and are not quite decided yet.

You may be acquainted with the work I have done in the past. Much of our recent promotional artwork for CDs, Posters, Stickers, Website artwork for the openSUSE Summit and openSUSE Conference, and other visual projects has been conceptualized by me based on the ideals that openSUSE has a visual importance that needs expansion.

Editing news articles has also given incredible insight into what openSUSE is able to communicate and inspire about Linux in many people looking to make the jump.

I have also been a speaker in a couple of openSUSE-related events and have tried communicating our ideals and goals.

I believe in openSUSE as a means of visual communication. I believe there are many things that our project can shine about and many more things to discover as a team.

If you are a believer in the future of openSUSE I humbly as for your vote and support.