Wallpaper Proposal for openSUSE 13.1

Hello friends

The artwork team is now taking submissions for a default wallpaper and a wallpaper collection package for the upcoming openSUSE 13.1. However, you may be wondering, why now? 12.3 was just released!

The reason is that artwork being the face of openSUSE on the desktop needs a long time to mature. It will be a while before the team decides on what will go for defaults and so on, therefore we need to submit our ideas early enough to allow the whole process to evolve and be ready for prime time.

Take into account that submitting images is not a simple task, the format measures need to be met and the image will likely need tweaking, even after it has been chosen as part of the final distribution. Also, the wallpaper has generally marked the main source of inspiration for the rest of the distribution, splash screens, login screens, KDE plasma theme, all depend on the good communication they can have with the wallpaper.

For now, I am leaving this proposal with you and hope that you can also make your submissions soon. Please write and link your image to opensuse-artwork@opensuse.org

Thank you

Andy (anditosan)