openSUSE Summit - 2nd Day

Today is the second day that the openSUSE Summit goes on in Orlando, Florida. Attendance is great. There are lots of people here, more than we initially expected, attending and making great assertions to each of the sessions going on. If some of you are in the area and would like to attend, please go into this website and look up the appropriate information.

Yesterday I was able to see some of our team's contributors, Sebatian (tian2992), Eugene, (it-s), and Richard (Ilmehtar). We decided to get together today, at some point, and work on some guidelines for our team. We will be making a few proposals to the team, because of this, later. The idea is to streamline our work. We understand that there are many ways in which the artwork team can fulfill its functions, but in the end, it really needs to comply with release dates more strongly. Right now, we are planning to create steps for our artwork to be done before release, we are also planning to work with people to come up with new design ideas for the distributions and, in the future, change our UI a little more.

The main idea is that we can do a good brainstorming here and then make proposals, mockups, and so on. Eventually, we will present these ideas at the openSUSE Conference and to the rest of the team later at the mailing list. We don't want to post something that is just ideas and half-way done. So stay tuned.

Today is a great day for a couple of our contributors. Richard Brown (Ilmehtar) will be presenting today and also me, Andy (anditosan). My presentation will feature a live stream. If you want to see and listen, please go here.

Broadcast will start at 2 PM Eastern Time, USA.

I hope you enjoy!