Another Proposal

Hello friends

Here is an SVG wallpaper proposal for a default wallpaper on openSUSE 13.1. I tried to go for typical bamboo reeds and a dark background. The design reminds me a lot of regular plants that one can feature in an office so the idea here is to link that to the wallpaper. There is also a very subtle complexity on the graphics. I tried toning down the green strength so that it does not become busy.

I hope you like it.

Now remember that this submissions will end in about 6 weeks, at which time "Ilmehtar" will work with the images and start the packaging process and then the rest of the designs will continue to come up.

It is great seeing that a few of you have made submissions and be sure that they are taken into account once an overall design for the next distribution is started based on the chosen wallpaper.

Keep up the good work!

PS: I placed an SVG version of the "aurora" wallpaper I made a few weeks ago and it is on GIT. Obviously the quality is different and so are the colors. If there is a better feel for the svg version, let's work with that one.

-- Andy (anditosan)


Crystals Wallpaper

Hello friends!

Here is another wallpaper that I have been working on recently. I want to make this one part of the supplemental wallpaper package for openSUSE 13.1. I hope it strikes the idea of simplicity and keeping the dark colors introduced on openSUSE 12.2.

The idea here is to show simple crystals with some light effects. Looking at it from far away makes it stand out and I think that it enhances your work being unobtrusive and "blingy" at the same time.

Please remember that you can also turn in your submissions for the next release of openSUSE. Everyone is invited to work on an image that they would like be considered for the wallpaper. Something to remember is that if you are making an image proposal for the "DEFAULT" wallpaper, your work will have to be done in SVG format. If the image proposal you are making is intended for the "SUPPLEMENTAL" wallpaper package, you can do it on raster as well as svg. If done in raster, you will have to prove copies of your work in 4 different resolutions, 2560 × 1440, 2560x1600, 2560x2048 and 2048x1536.

Thank you for you work.



Dark Leaf Wallpaper

Hello friends

Here is another wallpaper proposal for the 13.1 complimentary wallpaper package. The idea here is to form a nice transparency effect with words that relate to the world of Open Source and openSUSE, or course.

I also added a dark leaf in the center to add some green to the image. However the green leaf can be taken out easily if you think it doesn't work well. For the effects and purposes of keeping a dark background design in the pile of complimentary wallpapers.

Please keep your wallpaper submissions, projects and ideas coming. We are gathering your suggestions so please send them in. If you need help creating a wallpaper and submitting it to our project, given that you may not understand the formatting criteria, please contact me or anyone else at the #opensuse-artwork channel on IRC.

For now, here is the new wallpaper (I followed some tutorials online for this one) :D

Thank you!



Wallpaper Proposal for openSUSE 13.1

Hello friends

The artwork team is now taking submissions for a default wallpaper and a wallpaper collection package for the upcoming openSUSE 13.1. However, you may be wondering, why now? 12.3 was just released!

The reason is that artwork being the face of openSUSE on the desktop needs a long time to mature. It will be a while before the team decides on what will go for defaults and so on, therefore we need to submit our ideas early enough to allow the whole process to evolve and be ready for prime time.

Take into account that submitting images is not a simple task, the format measures need to be met and the image will likely need tweaking, even after it has been chosen as part of the final distribution. Also, the wallpaper has generally marked the main source of inspiration for the rest of the distribution, splash screens, login screens, KDE plasma theme, all depend on the good communication they can have with the wallpaper.

For now, I am leaving this proposal with you and hope that you can also make your submissions soon. Please write and link your image to

Thank you

Andy (anditosan)