Bring Back Domino!

The Domino KDE style was an emergent and versatile style theme. It had the ability to be customized much like what Qt Curve or Bespin does. However, Domino had the ability to be customized and be previewed instantly has you made the changes. The configuration widow had all sorts of simple modifiers that could truly give some personality to your KDE 3.

This thing was so good that I even created my own versions of the style with my own tweaks and posted them at

This thing was something very worth the time playing with. I think it was one of the best styles that someone coded for KDE. You could control brightness, button shape, etc. Well mixed with the window decoration, one was able to create very concise and simple themes for your linux machine. However, with the coming of KDE 4, the developer of Domino decided not to port this theme to KDE 4 and the development stopped.

It also seems that the project did not attract any more devs that would have wanted to port it to KDE 4. So here I am, talking to the openSUSE people that know how to code well, asking them to give this style a chance to style openSUSE with KDE 4. Would you take it into consideration?

Oxygen is a beautiful style, very well thought. However, Oxygen is not like Domino when it comes to customizing your theme. Also, Oxygen ships by default with just about any other distro out there. openSUSE could step up with differentiation by using this style. Maybe what I am asking for is rather unrealistic, but Domino is such a great style, it deserves a chance.