Going to the openSUSE Launch Party :D

I know this is unusual, but I am going to the openSUSE launch party in Provo, Utah this week. I am excited. I know the team has been working hard in bringing a freshly updated version of my favorite distribution. I believe openSUSE has one of the strongest communities out there.

Changes in directives recently have made me think that openSUSE is becoming a pillar for the Linux community. We are headed in a good direction and I am hoping that we will also be able to work on the GUI as well :D I guess that will always be my initiative. Working with the GUI and making it more polished is something that can be done with some effort and "cool" thinking.

I recently read an article that reviewed the newest release and, although not the main part of the article, the author did point out how hard it could be working with Yast. He said "it screams 'developer,'" and I tend to agree with the author. Simply, Yast is too powerful and great not to make it more accessible to all of the users out there.

If you want to check it out, click here.

Anyways, I will be taking some pics and stuff at the Novell building :D

See you all soon