Who Am I and What I Do

Hey readers.

It has come to my attention recently, posts the seem to bring up a rebuttal of the things that I blog about. The openSUSE Revolution blog is mostly about brainstorming design concepts that can make the openSUSE/KDE desktop work in ways that have not been thought of before. Through this effort, I generally intend to create debate and outside-the-box thinking so that eventually, these ideas come to fruition in one way or another. I have also stated clearly through this blog that I am not a programmer, therefore I know little about the ideas that circle the minds of those who make openSUSE or KDE a reality. I generally rely on their intellect to solve simple design problems on their software.

I hope always that my comments are not take offensively or personally. My intention in blogging about problems that I find with the design of an application or widget, generally come from the world of the unknown. I am a newcomer when it comes to technology therefore, my comments and experiences with the openSUSE or KDE software come from the world of an average user exposed to these technologies. Annoyances and problems that I face might also be problems and annoyances that people who are trying to give Linux a shot experience as well. Moreover, this could be a learning experience for those who code on these pieces of software. To become too personal about your coding for an application that will become widely distributed is not feasible.

It is part of the creation process to think of who is the intended audience that will receive your software. If you think that you should not write something too simple for the idiots like me out there, then think again, because we are many. Simply explained, there needs to be a balance between what we want to do with our personal time and programming as well as who will end up with our software. That is also why openSUSE has an excellent team of artwork creators and brainstormers.

Please, I beg from you readers, take my posts in the light of my understanding. Meaning, that they come from someone who understands little about technology. Once you read the post, please do not simply think "Well, he just doesn't understand how it works" but rather "What can I do to improve my software design so that even Anditosan gets it." Much better right?

Thank you for staying faithful to the blog, plus I am currently working on a concept for a social widget, so stay tuned.

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