New openSUSE Build Service Interface

For some time now, I have been reviewing some of the interaction that one is to use when working with openSUSE's Build Service system. I believe it is one of the most useful tools that openSUSE has created because it encourages collaboration between programmers and users. It provides a powerful tool to package applications.

However, I have noted that the interface could be changed a little in order to reflect a more active form of interacting with one's package information. I created some preliminary and simple images that could potentially become what openSUSE Build Service could look like.

My emphasis is on at-a-glance information. Currently, as users enter OBS, they are greeted with little information about what they are working on and only see information about other packages being worked on . Probably this could change, focusing on what a particular user has on OBS is more important to that user than other packages from across OBS, which can come in second.

Current OBS home page:

And these are the ones I was thinking of. First a simple greeting page with a log in section, and also a movie that can explain in simple steps how to use the openSUSE Build Service.

Then we add a small and simple Log In popup window and we move into our page:

And finally we find ourselves on the page that can greet us with information at a glance. Obviously, this page could change, offering information bit that the users want rather than the default ones.
What do you think? I know there are things that can change and I would like to hear your opinion. Probably you users who take more advantage from OBS than I do have long desired to utilize OBS is different ways than the current one. 

To you, what would you like to see changed in OBS?


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