New Idea About Chat Program

I am a good user of social networking sites, such as Facebook and Twitter. They have used very interesting features on their websites, such as instant messaging. By that I do not mean the chat application that Facebook uses, or the immediate update on Twitter messages. I am talking about the idea of instant messaging on settled messages.
For example, when a person posts a comment on Facebook and is able to keep a conversation from one person to the next. It is a minifeed that also includes the rest of the present contacts that are involved in the message box.

Twitter is a little similar, you are able to scroll through the many messages on your home page as well as the rest of the contacts who have posted messages on your Twitter.

I really like these interfaces. Your comments help you follow "conversations" rather than individual chats separated by tabs. I like those interfaces very much as well. They are simple, however, they take away attention from other people that you might want to chat with. In current messenger programs, you have to switch between your contact windows and the chat window in order to communicate. However, the model from Facebook and Twitter seems to be even simpler. You talk with the people you want as you see them on your contact list.

How about this?

Something that can keep you connected and seeing people as you want to talk to them. You could take it even further and add it to the Go! menu discussed here before.

I think it would be pretty cool if your messenger icon was actually the actual chat window. It is always available to send messages. Always in one window.

What do you think? Also, take a look at the gecko I put as my new mascot. I hope you like it.


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