Use Customized Gnome-Do

One of the interesting things that I recently discovered was the power of Gnome-Do as a launcher. I can't stop using it. It is simple and fast. I also added the folder search functionality and it indexes my files so that I can type their names and they pop on the menu.

The only thing about this launcher that I think could change is a set of simple tools. One would be the functionality to add a selected program to a Favorite Menu or the bottom panel as a launcher. I say this because it is very common for me to be looking for a program that in certain instances would be faster launching if such application was always visible somewhere on the screen. So, for this mockup I put 2 icons below the Miro Icon but probably one is enough.

Another thing that I want gnome-do to do is not only to show you 1 application at a time but that as you type, that you can see more applications and if you don't want to keep typing because the application you want is on the screen, then select it with arrow keys or your mouse pointer. You save time by typing less.
This idea would be part of the OpenSUSE desktop Revolution. A SUSE customized Gnome-Do launcher.

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