Simple File Manager

Hi, here is an idea of a file manager. It needs work but I think that the main ideas are explicit. I took after conceptual work done for Nautilus and applied color and ideas about it.

Notice the bottom menu for access to often used folders. I added a gray band and a pair of arrows. The arrows will be able to raise or lower the folders menu. That way, it will be easier to focus the users' view to the files and folders they are working with and nothing else. A simple approach.

The icons are part of the elementary collection but I only placed them there, not because they are the best for suse, but because they were simple enough as a folder drawing concept. But I am sure that people have other ideas for SUSE and can create simple folders with a good balance of color. Enjoy and leave me some ideas.

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Rajko M. said...

Simple is good.

What I find not so good is that I have all screen room from left to right, but very little in vertical direction. Commands and navigation are stealing vertical space that is smaller, which means more scrolling.

Nowadays you can see not many "normal" screens, they are almost all wide. Nice to watch movie, but not so much for reading as following very long line of text takes more effort and makes reader tired, faster.

There is limit how wide text line should be and it is about 700px. It is actually about 80-100 characters. The consequence is that GUI designers have a lot of room on left or right of content area for commands and additional information.

See for a lot of free advices how to build useful web page and in general GUI.

andi said...

I agree with you on the fact that screens are getting wider. I personally like this and yes, there is a lot of scrolling to do. That is one of the reasons why I think that a hiding places menu at the bottom is useful.