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Hello everyone!

I have not been very active with my blog lately. Things are always changing and having time to gather some visuals is harder at times.
Over the past few weeks I have been involved in making some artwork for the openSUSE Summit coming up in November in Florida. It has been a great opportunity to put out some simple designs for our newest conference format. This conference will follo SUSECon set to be right before the Summit. If you are in the Florida area, head on over to and find out the latest about this conference.
In the mean time I took a trip around Utah (my backyard) to see some good landscape and take some pictures. I believe Utah has a lot to offer to those who love the cooler seasons. Its landscape is made up of beautiful mountains and wonderful shrubbery. When fall (Autumn) comes around, many people from all over come to Utah to travel the national parks looking for the perfect changes in leaf color and a mix between patches of snow and amazing sunsets.
Taking this to heart, I dedicated an afternoon to take some shots and test my luck with light. Here are the results. Maybe, even some of these could do for an awesome fall wallpaper.


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