As we work on the next release of openSUSE. We would like to invite
our community to participate with ideas to guide our design team in
choosing artwork for openSUSE 12.3.

Right now, there are some ideas coming through. As designers, it is
important to find ideas, words, or concepts that can help guide our
thoughts into choosing artwork for 12.3. Please provide us with a max
of 3 design "thoughts," for example

1. Simplicity
2. Clarity
3. Light

Choose any 3 of these that can help describe our thought process.

If in doubt of what's appropriate to suggest, and not deviate too much
from our current styling guidelines, refer to

Thank you

Andy (anditosan)

PS: In case you have not seen yet, please swing by our flickr page.
Our contributors have been hard at work taking pictures and making
images that can do for a good wallpaper.

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