One Click Install Icon

Hello, I know I am posting a lot today but I was thinking the other day about how openSUSE has this really cool utility called "One Click Install." I love it. Although it is not just "one" click per se, it is a lot simpler than hunting for dependencies for RPM packages. They currently have an icon that has been used for a while

Recently I have seen this other one

Overall they do come up with the idea of one-click-install. Surely people's eyes are drawn to this icon. However, I do think that there is some visual complexity the deviates from the main purpose of the icon. Probably text can be done away with and create something more like a logo for one-click-install. I have been trying to come up with something good as a replacement and I came up with these two ideas

This was my first try. But the problem with this one is that it was too long (don't worry about the colors yet). It lacked strength and presence so I looked around looking for good inspiration and remembered these BeOS icons

They look more blocky. So here is my rendition of what came next

I am still working on this guy. Surely there is more to do with it. But as of right now, I like it!

Anditosan :D

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