YAST Revolution - Concepts for a simple version of Yast

In these series of revisions on Yast, I have decided to start first with the semantics of Yast. One thing that sticks out to me is how little there is about what Yast tells users its elements do. I am not saying this is wrong. Users who know and understand how to configure advanced elements in openSUSE will find Yast quite simple and full-featured.

Categories in Yast

Currently look like

Descriptions in Yast have little space to be placed and Yast focuses on its power and configuration skills. For example, when taking a look into the current modules of Yast, I found that descriptions only appear in the general sections under the icon and name of such module. Also, only some modules include a description on the left-hand side about what the module does.


Then, if I want to create a novice-friendly configuration tool from Yast. The best would be to decide what features are easier for a new user to figure out and which ones can be reserved for an "Advanced Mode."

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